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This week’s massive platform and site update gave the Insight Graph a new user interface and a boost in Google Search metric options with the addition of Event Tracking from Google Analytics search traffic data and a set of AdWords and Search Console KPIs.

Google Analytics KPIs

One of the beauties of the Insight Graph is that you can blend metrics to analyze the relationship between them or to demonstrate a successful marketing campaign. In this example we’re viewing a blend of organic sessions, goal completions, events and transactions. Positioning a graph like this above a Marketing KPI Analysis in a white label PDF report can result in an impressive presentation.

Google Analytics Blended Metrics Insight Graph

Google Analytics data can be filtered by custom segments, traffic source, device, browser and frequency.  The new Event Tracking metrics include Total Events, Unique Events, Event Value, Sessions with
Event, Average Value, and Events / Session with Event and can also be
filtered by Event Category.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Additional search traffic metrics available in the Insight Graph include:

  • General: Sessions, Average Time on Site, Bounce Rate, Pages per Visit, Page Views, Users
  • Goals: Goal Completions and any custom goals created in the Analytics account
  • ECommerce: Transactions, Revenue and Revenue per User

Google Search Console Data Graph

Google webmaster Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position metrics can be graphed in your choice of colors and styles as displayed in this example.

Google Search Console Insight Graph

For more precise marketing reports, Search Console data can be filtered by country, device, page or even specific query.

Insight Graph with Google Webmaster data

Google AdWords Campaign Performance

Graph Impressions, Clicks, Click through Rate (CTR), Average Cost Per Click (CPC) and total AdWords Cost to create a visual analysis of AdWords performance on an account or campaign level.

AdWords Campaign Performance graph

Filter AdWords PPC performance by campaign, segments, device, browser and frequency to create graphs that provide the specific data you need for reporting to management or clients.

Google AdWords data in Insight Graph

Create as many search metric combinations as you’d like for each website and save them as Presets for future use. Share them in branded  Client Dashboards and scheduled PDF reports.

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Joel has many years of hands-on experience working in SEO for a variety of European and international businesses. His great knowledge and deep understanding of what it takes to become a real SEO Pro shines through in his passion to help Rank Ranger customers understand the benefits of utilizing our platform.

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