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While working in
Search Engine Marketing, there is a constant need from clients wanting
to maximize profits, increase goal conversions and lower spend. In other
words, increase their ROI with as little spend as possible.   This has been a key factor when handling client paid search presence on search engines.  I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few key factors to focus and improve on, while doing this.

Here are a few factors to remember to improve PPC and Google AdWords campaigns:

Negative Keywords Important

keywords are a crucial part in your AdWords campaigns. This allows for
consumers who are searching for your product or service to not see any
advertising that is not related to what the consumer is searching for, so if you
are selling Old Navy Jeans, for example, it would be a good idea to add negative keywords like these to your AdWords campaign: navy training, navy seals, old navy veterans, etc.

Negative Keywords example

Better Scheduling, Higher ROI

all campaigns being display, pay per click, cost per acquisition
buying ******, it is a good idea to schedule times that you would like
your ads to be run. In my experience, scheduling your ads will help to
save on revenue spent and can improve ROI. If I know that my clients are
spending most of their time buying or clicking during certain a time of
the day, it’s best to optimize the campaign to those times and monetize ad revenue spend.


Mobile Customers

are now able to search for businesses or services on your mobile
phones. This allows advertisers to display their products or services to
specific users within a certain radius of a business location. You can do this by adding in
location extensions
, this means that a user can search for a service in
your area and your ad will display the location of your business within
that particular area. Another good tool to use for mobile is call
extensions, which give users the opportunity to call the business from
the text ad and businesses that prefer to do business telephonically are
able to monitor the call conversions for mobile campaigns. A good idea
would be to separate mobile ad groups and web ad groups to determine
which performs better.


Bounce Rate

rate is a good way to determine what is working and what is not
working. With bounce rate we are able to view if consumers searching for
your service or product are directed to the correct channel and/or
product page. If there is not much traction on the page they are landing
on, changes may need to be done, maybe the layout, the buy now button
or even the colour of the page could be unappealing.


Location Specific

Knowing the location of your target market and the regions they are situated in can help to optimize AdWords campaigns. If your product or service is located in a
certain area and you know that most of your consumers are in and around
that area, why not be more specific about your targeting. This will
increase your conversion rate and reduce spend.


Quality Score – Optimize your Landing Page, Keyword and Ad copy

score can be the beginning or end of any advertising. Quality score is
directly related to optimal landing pages. Make sure you have tested the
layouts and design of landing pages. Be sure that your content on your
landing page is relevant to what you are selling or advertising! And be
sure to have your consumers directed to the buy now (or your goal page) in
the shortest amount of clicks as possible. You don’t want them to be
distracted along the way to a purchase and then not complete the goal.

Important to remember, relevant content, relevant copy, great call to action.



and more consumers are first doing research before buying products or
services online. User intent coupled with best ways to optimize your
campaigns for Increased ROI will be beneficial to the advertiser wanting less spend and Higher ROI. Measure campaigns success and failure and
continuously optimize your keyword performance, ad copy and landing

About The Author

Vaughn Forbes

Vaughn is Head of Digital Advertising Operations & Search Engine Marketing at NAB – Caxton CP, where he provides marketing insights and advice.

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