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For quite some years, thanks to the availability of high-speed networks and hardware, common people are able to create a home office environment. People feel empowered to create, design, and share these Home Desk setups with the world.  As such, I have noticed the following patterns and tips among them.

Home Office Interior. 3d Render.


Types of Desks



This type of desk is the traditional style. It is recommended to use it when there is enough space to accommodate. Users can decide the size, shape, and decoration surrounding the desk based on the amount of space available.


The floating type is meant to be permanent and embedded on the wall. Some designs can also be foldable as well, which helps when the space is very limited.

Istock 1317588147

The foldable one is a temporal desk, which is recommended for small spaces and can be removed once it is finished to be used.

Outdoor Folding Table Cartoon Vector Illustration

Corner-type desks are small enough to be settled on the corner. They usually have a discrete nature to be placed there.

Blank Computer In A Cubicle


Standing Desks

Woman At Home Office Is Walking On Under Desk Treadmill

These desks have motors and use electricity to change the position and maintain them. The motors may vary in power which impacts the speed the desk goes up or down, and the weight it can handle. These are expensive as of 2022.


Desk Arrangements

Monitor Placement

It is highly recommended to place monitors at the same height as our sight, to avoid the decay of our necks and backs staring down.

Monitor supports may vary in price, use, and form.

Type of Monitor Configurations

Monitor configuration depends highly on the work needs or taste as well. Some people prefer a setup focused on one thing at a time, and others want the most amount of information displayed at once.

Simple Monitor

Office Workplace Computer With White Blank Empty Screen

Dual Monitor Laptop

Focus And Dedication Got Her Far


Looking At Invoice And Spreadsheet On Computer

Dual Monitor

Blank Screens On A Computer Desktop Monitors, Yellow Color Wall Background. 3d Illustration



Professional Modern Black Computer Gaming Armchairs. 3d Rendering


Gamer Chairs are not recommended. Gamer chairs tend to be affordable because they normally use cheap materials which can break over the curse of a year or less. They are not good to endure the heat in the summertime.



Happy Biracial Businesswoman Freelancer Sit By Computer At Comfy Workplace


Ergonomic chairs are the best-recommended option, they may vary in price and size. The good thing about them is that they are specifically adapted to the common human body.





Additional Tips and Recommendations


Camera Placement

Avoid placing the camera below your eyes, it is preferable to have the camera on an angle near your eyes or above. Also, it provides a better view of the people seeing you on camera.

Casual Businessman Working At His Desk


Microphone Placement

When an external microphone is used, it can provide better audio quality. It is preferable to be away from the microphone, about a hand distance. This provides better audio since too close can saturate audio and words cannot be discerned. Too far, the voice attenuates and introduces exterior noise to the audio.

Businesswoman In Headset Call Center Agent Consulting Participating Video Conference

Laughing Man Host Streaming Podcast In Studio

Decorate based on your taste

Since the home office space is yours, you can decide how things are organized and displayed to enjoy the experience.

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