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In this blog post, I’ll be offering you a brief review of the latest Google search experience that was introduced yesterday for Search Lab users. The text of this post was generated from AI based on the audio transcribe of the video above.

A New Search Lab Experience

When you visit the Google homepage, as a tester for the new search experience, you’ll notice a button at the bottom of the page labeled “Try AI-powered overviews” when you search. You’ll also see a small test speaker icon at the top right. Both of these options will lead you to the same place.

Upon clicking the search speaker icon, you’ll be presented with three distinct tests that Google is running. The first two are expected to run through December 2023, and assuming successful results, will likely be rolled out to the general public by the end of the year. The third test is slated to end in September 2023.

Let’s delve into each of these new search features, offering some insights and feedback on their functionalities.

SCG: Search Generative Experience

The first feature is SCG, the Search Generative Experience. This appears to be Google’s response to Bing’s chat feature within their search results. Activating this feature will trigger tests within your search results.

To illustrate, the search generative experience uses AI to generate information to answer queries such as “What’s the first island I should visit in Hawaii?”. The AI pulls up a teal background content box that lists some of the best islands to visit for first-time visitors. It also presents links to related content and allows for follow-up questions.

However, there are some issues that should be noted. For instance, the feature pushes organic results further down the page. Furthermore, the initial search experience doesn’t present a chat box, unlike Bing’s interface. Despite this, Google does provide a “Converse” button for a more chat-based interaction.

Code Tips

The second feature is called Code Tips. This feature provides coding tests directly in the search results. The generated code tips resemble Chat GPT, especially Chat GPT-4’s outputs. It presents code snippets effectively, with queries yielding suitable responses.

For example, a query like “Javascript check if keys exist” will provide an in-depth response, explaining how to check if a key exists in an object using Javascript. However, the user should exercise caution when using the generated code, as it may contain errors or bugs.

Add to Sheets

The last feature is “Add to Sheets”, which facilitates the transfer of information from search results to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This feature may seem unrelated to AI, but it offers a different kind of convenience.

For instance, if you search for “underrated summer travel ideas”, the search result will not only provide a list of ideas but also allow you to add these directly to a Google Sheets document. Each search snippet provides three options: a bookmark, a share button, and a Google Sheets icon. Clicking on the Google Sheets icon will present your existing spreadsheets for you to add the information to.

In conclusion, Google’s new search experience presents exciting possibilities, albeit with a few potential issues. The search generative experience may push organic results further down, and users may share links without visiting the content first, potentially affecting click-through rates. However, these new features provide a new level of interaction and convenience for users.

That concludes my quick review of the new Google search experience. As I just gained access last *****, this is a preliminary look. Still, I wanted to share these new features with you promptly. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.

Joe Hall is an SEO consultant focused on analyzing and informing the digital marketing strategies of select clients through high level data analysis and SEO audits.

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