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We’re on a roll with new SEO Intelligence Search APIs that can provide you with that online marketing edge you’ve been seeking to beat the competition in search engine results!  Released so far this month are the new Rank Top 50, Rank Top 100, Google Suggested Search and Google Related Search results APIs.

Google Suggested Search Results API


SEO was less complicated in the days when a user entered a keyword and was simply presented with SERPs, but now with Google search getting smarter every day and autocomplete providing keyword suggestions that can tempt your potential visitor to click on a suggested keyword, your results can be quickly wiped off the screen before they even notice your link in position 5 (that was pushed below the “fold” by ads, news and image suggestions). 

Google Suggested Search Results

You could type each of your keywords into Google search in order to discover that list of suggested keywords – for every one of the keywords you’re currently optimizing content – or you could use Rank Ranger’s new Google Suggested Search API and let us collect that data for you daily, weekly or monthly based on your specific data needs. We’ll provide you with up to 10 results (dependent upon the actual number of Google results), along with the HTML detailing the words that display in bold in those suggested keyword search results.

Google Related Search Results API

Similar to the suggested keyword search results, the searches related to your keyword that display at the bottom of a Google search results page can provide insight into what Google is “thinking” and where they’re directing your potential visitors before they click for page 2 results.

Google Related Search Results

Our new Google Related Search API collects this data for your keywords, freeing up time for you to focus your efforts on content optimization. You’ll receive up to 10 searches related to your keyword based on your desired frequency – monthly, weekly or even daily.

While improving your content to rank for suggested and related keywords, I suggest that you test your updated pages using our On-Page Keyword Optimization tool.


Top 50 Rank Competitors

Our SEO software allows you to enter competitor URLs for daily keyword rank tracking, providing valuable insights into how your site is stacking up against your top competition. The Rank Top 50 API now provides you with additional competition intelligence by helping you discover the top 50 landing pages ranking for your keyword on specific search engines.  

Deep Competition Intelligence – Top 100 Rank Results

Top 50 results not enough for you?  No problem, our Rank Top 100 API provides you with the top 100 keyword search results for each search engine tracked in your campaign.  It delivers rank, landing page URL, SERP Meta Title and special SERP features (like search box, HTTPS, rating, etc. if they display in SERPs) for the requested ****(s).

While we’re on a roll, if you’ve got a specific type of rank data you’ve been hoping to pull via API, submit your request through our WeDevelop program now!

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