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Google Search Update Fixes Some Problematic Site Names

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Google has released an update to fix some, but not all, of the problematic site names in the Google search result listings. This comes days after Google asked for feedback from folks who noticed the site name that Google listed was incorrect or not what they expected to see.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, post an update in the Google Webmaster Help forums saying a fix was pushed out that fixes some, but not all of the issues. “We recently rolled out a change that seems to be helping with some of the cases reported here and through our form (and likely some others that weren’t reported),” he said. “This change may take time to populate so that internal pages also reflect updated sitenames,” he added.

When reviewing the [salesforce] query example, it does look that it was fixed. Here is what I see now:

click for full size

Here is what it looked like the other day, with a space between Sales and Force:

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As a reminder, the CMO of Salesforce, Sarah Franklin, said the site name being Sales space Force is “extremely damaging to our brand.”

This has not fixed all the issues, just some. I asked some SEOs privately if they noticed a fix for their problematic site names in Google and I was told about half were resolved.

For example, this complaint in this thread says there site name should be “” because that is their legal name, it should not be “Ample Harvest” but it still shows as “Ample Harvest” this morning. And in their source code, the HTML shows the site name is set as meta property=”og:site_name” content=””.

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So it seems like Google has fixed a bunch of the site name issues but not all. Have you noticed this over the past 12 hours or so?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

Update: Here are more examples from Glenn Gabe:

Source link :

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