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Google Search Generative Experience Gets Quality Updates & Major Speed Boost

Google Search Generative Experience Gets Quality Updates & Major Speed Boost

Google has released its first set of quality updates to the new Google Search Generative Experience that began to roll out a few weeks ago. The most noticeable update is that it is much faster, in fact, twice as fast, in responding with an AI-generated snapshot/answer.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, said on Twitter, “we’ve made a number of quality updates, including a major improvement that reduces the time it takes to generate AI snapshots by half!”

It is for sure much faster, it feels more than twice as fast. I only see the AI generation animated for a few seconds or so.

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One of the biggest complaints and feedback was around speed. In fact, just a few days prior to this Google SGE improvement, The Verge wrote Google’s AI-powered search experience is way too slow.

Well, no longer, it is now just really fast. It is not as fast as a search result set being returned, but it is faster than other AI search engines. And yes, it will get faster.

The other “quality updates” that was included here are unknown, I did ask:

What other improvements did you notice outside of speed?

Here are some guesses from me:

Previously, I don’t think Google gave a recent answer, now it does:

Also seems like Google updated this one:

Glenn Gabe posted some before and after shots:

Here is a video of how fast it is:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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