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Google Search “Ask A Doctor” PAA

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Google Search has what looks like the people also ask (PAA) section but titled “Ask a doctor.” I am not sure if this is new, because I suspect since I can replicate this myself that it has been out for some time. But for some medical queries, Google does show this “Ask a doctor” section that expands or refines your query.

Then when you click on those results, it shows you information from an approved source, like American Diabetes Association in the case below.

Here is what this looks like:

Google Ask A Doctor PAA

This is what it looks like when you expand the items:

Google Ask A Doctor Details

Megan Medaris notified me of this on X and wrote, “Medical SERPs (esp. mobile) have transformed quite a bit in recent months. Let’s just say they’re busy. Saw this “Ask a doctor” for the first time in SERPs today. Links to a landing page for the American Diabetes Association. Wasn’t what I expected.”

Have you seen this before? Tell me it is not new.

Forum discussion at X.

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