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Google Job Search Bug Won’t Show Recent Job Postings

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There was a bug with Google Jobs Search that wouldn’t show new or recent job listings from the past three days. The issue has been going on for the past several days and after four or so days of it being an issue, Google finally fixed it at around 2 pm ET yesterday. I wanted to document the issue, so you see what happened.

So if you search for [jobs near me] and then click on the “past 3 days” button, Google will take you to a blank screen, with zero job listings.

Here is a GIF I made so you can see this in action (click to enlarge):

Google Jobs Bugs

This means, if you run a jobs site or you get a lot of traffic to your job section on your site, traffic may have seriously dropped.

There have been numerous complaints about this starting from a few days ago in the Google Webmaster Help forums and also on Twitter from several SEOs.

Here are some, not all, of those complaints:

This was fixed around 2 pm ET yesterday, May 24th:

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help forums and Twitter.

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