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Google defines which languages translated search results will show up in Google Search

As you may know, Google Search may translate the title link and snippet of a search result snippet for results that aren’t in the language of the search query. Google has now updated its help document it initially added a year and a half ago to include which languages this works for.

Supported languages. Those supported languages for translated search results include Bengali, English, French, German, Marathi, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, and Telugu.

Google added these details to the featured availability section of the help document.

More on translated search results. As we previously covered, Google Search Console can show you impressions and clicks your site gets for translated search results using the search performance report and filtering on the translated results search appearance.

When that user clicks on the result, Google Translate will also likely translate your page as well.

We covered this in more detail when Google released its help document on translated results in November 2021.

As we covered here, the translated results help document explains how Google may automatically translate the search result snippets from the language it was written in, to the language of the Google Search results page. Google said, “sometimes Google may translate the title link and snippet of a search result for results that aren’t in the language of the search query.”Google said it does this because “a translated result is a Google Search feature that enables users to view results from other languages in their language and can help publishers reach a larger audience.”

After the user clicks the translated search result link, Google said that “all further user interaction with the page is through Google Translate.” Google said you can opt-out of this through a meta robots tag notranslate. Here are more details on opting in or out of translated results.

Why we care. Google is now giving us some idea of how these searchers are interacting with our site through Google Search. We can see what they are searching for, what pages they are accessing, on what dates, what devices and from which countries.

Now we know the specific languages this search feature currently works in.

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