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It’s World Cup time and Google has the fever! As always Google is ahead of the curve, making tomorrow’s trends easily accessible today, and today they’re bringing you the World Cup directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC so that even if you’re not in Brazil, you won’t miss out on the action. 

By just searching World Cup on Google you will get a line up of the upcoming games with times for your location as well as the groups for the 1st round of games. Once games have been played, Google will be displaying the results for each game keeping you on top of the tournament. “During live matches, you’ll also find a timeline with all major moments so you can follow along with the action.”

“Also new for this year’s tournament, you don’t even have to search to get updates on your favorite teams—just open Google Now. You’ll be given an option to start seeing cards with stats about each match that you can tap for more detail.” – Inside Google

According to the Official Google Blog, you can also feel as though you are there, by taking a tour through any of the stadiums before a game with Google Street View.

Google Trends is showing you what the world is searching in anything FIFA related, giving you a unique insight into what people want to know during the tournament.

So which team are you cheering on?

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