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Google Bard Drafts More Varied & Bing Chat Math Formulas Nicer

Google Bard Bot Writes

Google Bard is rolling out an update to make the draft responses more distinct from each other, while Bing Chat has rolled out cleaner and nicer formatted math formulas.

Bard More Variety To Drafts

Google wrote, “When you view other drafts, you’ll now see a wider range of options that are more distinct from each other.” “A wider range of more distinct drafts can help expand your creative explorations,” Google added.

The three drafts are not new, but when you look at these drafts after April 21st, Google said they will be more distinct from each other.

Here is what they look like now:

click for full size

Bing Chat Nicer Math Formulas

A few weeks ago, Microsoft said told us that the math formulas will get nicer formatting, well that time has come. Bing rolled out nicer formatted and easier-to-read math formulas in Bing Chat.

Mikhail Parakhin from Bing posted on Twitter saying, “And finally it is there for everyone!” Here is a screenshot of the new formatting:

click for full size

Compare that to the old formatting:

click for full size

Jordi Ribas from Microsoft also posted about this with another example:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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