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Google announces new validations for ad account names

Beginning in June 2023, new Google Ads accounts will no longer be able to include a URL in their account names.

What’s changed. Specifically, when creating a new Google Ads account through the Google Ads API or updating an existing one, if a URL is found in the descriptive_name field, an ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED error will be generated, causing the operation to fail. This change, however, will not impact the descriptive_name field of existing accounts.

Dig deeper. You can read more about the change on the Google Ads Developer Blog.

Why we care. Adhering to new naming conventions is crucial to maintaining a seamless ad experience. By adhering to the new rules, advertisers can avoid encountering errors when creating or updating their accounts, thus ensuring a smooth account setup process, preventing potential delays in launching campaigns, and fostering a more organized and consistent naming convention across the platform.

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