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Google Analytics To Show UA3 Data For A Year After It Stops Collecting Data On July 1, 2023

Google Analytics Data Transfers

Google has shared more details on its upcoming deadline for when Universal Analytics 3 will be turning down. The new information is that you will be able to access, report and export your historical data in UA3 for a year after Google stops collecting data in that platform, so until July 1, 2024.

Google posted new details in this help document as noted by Krista Seiden on Twitter saying “After sunset, and until platform turndown, you will have Viewer access (but not Editor) to historical data and reports in the user interface. You’ll also be able to export your data (see solutions below).”

That means “you will still have access to view and export all previous data until July 1, 2024,” as Krista Seiden explained.

Yes, UA3 will still stop processing data on July 1, 2023, so all new data will only flow into GA4.

Google said, “sunset for standard Universal Analytics properties begins July 1, 2023.” Here are the bullet points:

  • After sunset, and until platform turndown, you will have Viewer access (but not Editor) to historical data and reports in the user interface. You’ll also be able to export your data (see solutions below).
  • However, there will be no new data after property turndown:

    • No data processing
    • No updated reports and metrics with post-sunset data
    • No bidding, audience, or conversion data sent to Google Ads or to third-party integrations
  • If you have a current Universal Analytics 360 contract, you can continue creating standard Universal Analytics properties and upgrading them to 360, which will enable data processing.

Also, if you have not migrated to Google Analytics 4, use the GA4 Setup Assistant to create a Google Analytics 4 property and follow these steps to get set up. You need to finish migrating to Google Analytics 4 before the Universal Analytics sunset. If you do not do this, Google said “as a last resort, Analytics will automatically create a Google Analytics 4 property for you.”

So again, the new news is you have until July 1, 2024 to export your data out of UA3 and do whatever you want with it. You will also be able to view that data in UA3, not GA4 (because the data is measured differently and it cannot be imported) until July 1, 2024.

The **** is quickly approaching and there is no sign that Google will push off any of these dates.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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