Google AMP Links In Search Not Working In iOS 15 – Fix On Way

By | October 7, 2021

Google confirmed that there is a bug with AMP URLs not working on Google Search with iOS 15. If you’ve upgraded your iOS device, iPhone or iPad to iOS and click on a link from Google Search – you won’t be taken to the AMP URL, if there is one. Not at least until Google fixes it on their end.

Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed this issue on Twitter saying “it’s a bug specific to iOS 15 that we’re working on. We expect it will be resolved soon.”

For example, this site has AMP URLs and also a mobile app – prior to this bug, when you click on a search result in Google to this site, it would load the AMP page. Now, since the AMP URLs are not working in iOS 15, it takes you to my mobile app (which I actually prefer). Here is a GIF of this in action:

Ewdison Then was the first person I saw spot this and he posted about this on Twitter a few days ago:

Jeff Johnson, an iOS developer, wrote this up in more detail over here and Danny Sullivan responded to his tweet:

I don’t think this is a huge issue for site owners but just an FYI.

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