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Google AdSense 0 Clicks Bug Lingers On For Several Weeks

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For the past several weeks, publishers have been complaining about an issue with Google AdSense reporting that their Google AdSense ads have been getting zero clicks. This has become known as the 0 clicks bug.

There are numerous threads about this issue, but the big one is this Google AdSense Help Thread that documents a bunch of cases of this bug. The AdSense reports may show zero clicks on ads for several days and then update and begin to show clicks afterward.

Ramandeep Singh posted his complaint and wrote:

Since March 2023, many of publishers keep reporting ‘0 click; problem in this Google AdSense Forum.

This is different issue, No policy violation notifications are there in Policy Centre, Ads are appearing normally, CPM ads revenue is counting, but Click are either being removed from AdSense accounts or not counting. In other words AdSense ads clicks are not counting in Publisher accounts at all. When no clicks are there, publishers are unable to earn anything, except CPM revenue.

I am one of those publishers, there is enough discussion already in Google AdSense Community, and rest of the web, but no one is aware what is causing this. Many are saying this is caused by invalid traffic, but as far as my personal case is concerned, I have never ever got invalid traffic, and proper security settings are on place. I have never got invalid traffic revenue deducted as well.

One of senior forum experts have already said to contact Google, but there is no response from Google AdSense Team yet. No one knows what is happening or why AdSense is not counting clicks. Everyone have their own opinion, but only AdSense Team can fix it.

It is our humble request to AdSense Team, that please fix this known issue, so that we can work with ‘peace of mind’ once again on our websites.

Google AdSense product expert Busterjet wrote, “I have brought this to Google’s attention via the communication channel available to Product Experts, but have not had a response so far.”

The issue seems to resolve itself and then comes back again.

Here are some screenshots of the issue:

click for full size

click for full size

click for full size

click for full size

So if you see zero clicks in your AdSense reporting and you think something is off, it might be related to this reporting issue.

Google has not yet confirmed the issue but that is Google for you when it comes to AdSense.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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