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Google Ads Forcing Advertisers Off Credit Card Payments

Google Ads Forcing Advertisers Off Credit Card Payments

Google Ads is forcing some of its advertisers off the credit card option for paying for their ad accounts and onto bank-based payment methods, such as ACH, wire, or paper check. If you do not comply by July 31, 2024, your account can be suspended.

Google sent out emails to its high-spending advertisers about the change on Thursday, June 13th about the change.

The email says:

We are reaching out to provide you with an important update to your accounts): the billing options for your Google Ads accounts) are changing. Your accounts) have specific payment options and will only be allowed to use bank-based payment methods, which does not include credit or debit cards.

Accepted forms of payment include check or wire transfer via the Monthly Invoicing billing method (recommended), or via Direct Debit for those choosing to remain on the Automatic Payments billing method (if available in your region). Because you currently pay via a form of payment no longer accepted, the payment method on your Google Ads account listed below will need to change:

You will need to complete this billing change by July 31, 2024 or your Ads account will be subject to suspension. There are no exceptions to this requirement for impacted advertisers. All impacted advertisers will be similarly notified throughout the coming months.

Jeremy Brandt posted about this on X and wrote, “Google Ads is force-converting thousands of advertisers from credit card payments to ACH/Invoice billing only. Suspension of account if you don’t comply.” “Is Google really hurting that much they need to save the extra 2-3%,” he added. Well, when you make hundreds of billions, 2-3% is a ton of money.

Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ads Liaison, said on X, “To deliver a more consistent billing experience across our advertisers, we recently notified a small segment of customers that the billing options available for their Ads accounts are changing. We’re committed to a smooth transition with minimal disruption.”

Here is a screenshot of the email:

Google Ads Billing Ach

I hear a lot of advertisers are not happy about this:

Here are Google’s responses:

Forum discussion at X.

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