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Google Ads API is removing ad group and keyword forecasts

Google will be deprecating the “Keyword Plan Ad Group Forecast” and “Keyword Plan Keyword Forecast” functionalities. This change is slated to take effect on June 1, 2023.

Changes to the GenerateForecast Metrics Request. Beginning June 1, the “Generate Forecast Metrics Request” will continue to be the method for obtaining forecast data. However, the “Keyword Plan Ad Group Forecast and Keyword Plan Keyword Forecast” components will no longer be populated and will instead return empty results. The “Keyword Plan Campaign Forecast,” on the other hand, will remain functional and be returned as usual.

Updating Your Applications. If your applications rely on the “Keyword Plan Ad Group Forecast” or “Keyword Plan Keyword Forecast” features, it is critical that you update them to accommodate the upcoming changes. Make sure your applications are prepared to handle empty responses from these components.

Recommendation and Resources. Google encourages you to start updating your applications as soon as possible to ensure a seamless transition. For guidance on how to effectively use the “Keyword Plan Campaign Forecast,” you should refer to the Google Ads API documentation.

Why we care. If advertisers or publishers rely on these features in their applications, they need to update their systems to ensure continued functionality. Failing to do so may lead to disruptions or inaccuracies in their forecasting and ad performance management.

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