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In the latest Google Hangout an interesting question was asked, with an even more interesting answer:

“Will the Penguin 3.0 launch in 2014?”

John Mueller‘s guess is yes. It seems that there will be an update, and we will be told when something is happening. 

We first heard about Penguin in April 2012, and it has since had 5 updates, the last of which was nearly a year ago. You can follow Penguin’s history in our Google Algorithm Updates History.

Get ready for Penguin 3.0 | Rank Ranger

Penguin was intended to penalize black hat webspam techniques that don’t benefit site visitors, such as keyword stuffing and link schemes that attempt to manipulate SERPs. Penguin Update 1 rewarded those in compliance with Google’s publishers guidelines. Since its introduction, many sites have cleaned up their links and are hoping for a new update to put into action all the hard work that they have been doing. 

This new update is rumored to be a major update that will run more frequently so that sites affected won’t need to wait too long to see a refresh and improvement.

Google Panda and Penguin Dance

When do you think Penguin 3.0 will be making its debut?

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