Facebook Introduces Anonymous Log In at f8

April 30th was Facebook’s annual global developer conference in San Francisco, f8, and they had a number of exciting developments to announce. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be focusing on developing of apps, privacy for users and cross platform tools. These developments offer more than ever to developers and to users.

App Building

Facebook is dedicated to making sure that app building will be more stable this year. It is also working on making the process easier so that more people can create apps for users to enjoy. Plus, if you have multiple apps that are related, linking them will become simpler to do, which will create more awareness for your apps.

Anonymous login

Probably the biggest announcement for users is Facebook now offering anonymous login. People are constantly worried about sharing their information with apps and always being slightly unsure about where that information will go. Well now users can log in anonymously on apps that they choose to add. This will also boost the number of people who are happy to join an app, as it alleviates the fear of your information going awry!

Users who choose not to log in anonymously can specify exactly what information they would like to share with the app and what not to. A simple video was made by Facebook in order to showcase this new feature, which isn’t yet available on all apps.

If you are a developer new to creating a Facebook app, then this is the place to begin. You will receive a package of tools and services to help you build, grow and monetize your apps in order for it to be as successful as possible.

These developments show Facebook having a better focus on their apps which have become an important part of the platform. I personally **** the idea of anonymous log in and look forward to a year a moving forward with Facebook.

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