Different Types of Attestations Required for Expats in UAE

Different Types of Attestations Required for Expats in UAE
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a developing country whose economy has shared cultures from different corners of the world. It is quite evident that the expatriates outnumber the nationals in the UAE. While the expat population totals around 88.52% i.e. 8.92 million, the nationals only amount to 11.48% i.e. 1.16 million.
If you are moving to the United Arab Emirates, then you will need to get professional qualifications and other documents attested by the UAE embassy before employment is confirmed and an employment visa can be issued.
To secure a visa for Dubai, it is essential that you get your educational or personal certificates along with professional or academic documents attested by your respective embassy/consulate in UAE and thereafter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government. The embassy requires this confirmation process to find out the reality of the proposed education document.
Following are different Attestation services mandatory for UAE:
Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE
The first and most significant form of document attestation is educational certificate attestation in UAE. The educational document is often called an academic certificate and is usually used to certify the academic details of students. We provide genuine attestation for all types of educational documents, and the process is very convenient and easy for their clients. UAE education certificate attestation is simple when you have a great helping hand to work smoothly and without error.
Personal Documents Attestation in UAE
Attestation of non-educational certificates is a form of international documentation that is done on your personal documents. It is considered as a vital part in international documentation procedure.
Commercial Documents Attestation in UAE
Commercial document attestation for UAE typically involves a process of verifying the authenticity of commercial documents such as business contracts, invoices, and company registration papers. This process is typically required for a variety of reasons, such as establishing a business presence in the UAE, obtaining a trade license, or participating in government tenders.
Mofa Attestation in UAE
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation is abbreviated as MOFA. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a government ministry and responsible for controlling the foreign relations of a country. Mofa attestation is a mandatory process which has been done to make migrant certificates legal.

Apostille attestation in UAE
Certificate Apostille or Apostille Attestation is a sticker provided under Hague convention of 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries. The aim of this process is to clarify the authentication of the signature of the document.

WES attestation services for CANADA
WES is the abbreviation for World Education Services. It is a non-profit international organization dedicated to assisting international students in achieving their goals. If you are searching for any WES attestation, get in touch with us today. Our professional team will make your WES verification fast.
Highbiz Attestation is one of the best attestation service providers in the UAE. Highbiz are specialized agency for guarantee world-class accelerated Apostille and UAE embassy authentication services. We can certify, legalize, attest, and apostille documents for various countries. The quality of service that we offer is unmatched and makes us the best certificate attestation services in UAE. Our vision is to deliver hassle-free attestation services to our esteemed clientele and make sure they have a wonderful experience with us.


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