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The talent, drive, and collaborative spirit of our colleagues is unmatched. At Perficient, we strive to create a culture that challenges, champions, and celebrates our people. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that four of our colleagues have been named in the 2023 CRN Women of the Channel program. CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, annually honors influential women in technology for their thought leadership, strategic contributions, and commitment to fostering growth in the industry.

Congratulations to Liza Sisler, Liz Stuart, Lynn Brading, and Kathryn Bogen for their esteemed achievement! Each of these colleagues have been recognized in the CRN Women of the Channel program before, and we’re so proud to see them being honored once again. Not only do they provide insight into complex digital solutions, but they also make a difference globally for our partners and business. Take a look at their individual success stories and discover the incredible work that led to their recognition as Women of the Channel.

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Meet Liza Sisler, Director, Global Partner Marketing and Alliances Programs

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As a leader for Perficient’s global partner marketing and alliances team, Liza Sisler is a major contributor to our sales, business development, alliance management, and partner marketing teams. With more than 20 years of experience in the technology consulting industry, and 13 years in leadership roles, her insight has enabled significant growth for our business. Liza currently leads a team of approximately 30 colleagues focused on alliance management, partner marketing, and partner programs support.

“We work closely with our partners to deliver solutions that help our shared clients accelerate time to market, enhance customer experience, access new markets, and outshine their competition,” said Liza. “Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our partners is a critical component of Perficient’s business, and I take pride leading this team of exceptional colleagues tasked with executing this challenge.”

Liza continues to drive strategy through the support of her global teams to leverage and deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients. Among her many accomplishments, she received honors as CRN 2022 Women of the Channel and Power 70 Solution Providers. Liza was also recognized as an Excellence Award recipient in 2022, an award honoring Perficient colleagues for their commitment to embracing each of Perficient’s core values.

Through Liza’s strong leadership capabilities, our centralized partner teams effectively combat challenges and pivot direction as market conditions change. Her team’s ability to rapidly respond and retool helps Perficient bring in new partner offers while scaling our business. With collaboration, coupled with Perficient’s strategy and global support serves, our partner teams drive innovative business solutions that propel our clients forward.

“Creating an alliances program and building the team included facilitating standardized plans, approach, enablement, and best practices,” said Liza. “I strive to foster a collaborative environment between alliances, partner marketing, and partner programs management while enabling a continued close working relationship with sales and delivery and our partners.”

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Meet Liz Stuart, Director, Global Alliances

Stuart Liz Perficient 200x300For more than 20 years, Liz Stuart has worked within the value-added reseller, channel partner, and consulting spaces to build new strategies that impact the technology industry. As a Global Alliance Director, Liz aims to empower her team to elevate partner experiences and build strategies that make a difference. Since joining Perficient, she has significantly grown our partnership channels through her comprehensive and robust approach to creating innovative end-to-end solutions that achieve the client’s business goals.

“My goal is to help our customers maximize the benefits of the partner ecosystem through awareness of programs that help accelerate their journey to transform their businesses,” said Liz. “I aim to do this by showcasing our technology partners and their platforms through enablement programs, cross-functional team collaboration, and growing our overall partner team to support operational, sales, and delivery excellence globally.”

Liz is passionate about advancing growth opportunities for our colleagues, and recently spearheaded the development of our Global Certifications Hub. This is now built into Perficient’s onboarding process to help capture our colleagues’ unique strengths. Additionally, she is leading an initiative to drive awareness and increase business globally with our cloud partners’ funding programs. Her work to provide all colleagues with information about our cloud capabilities, combined with her collaborative spirit, is a strong asset to Perficient’s business.

“I take a people centered approach with everything I do,” said Liz. “We can all be change-makers, and I provide a space where people feel empowered to share ideas, ask questions, and challenge the status quo. Having a diverse group of individuals that can leverage their strengths and unique experiences to solve big problems is a strategy that has helped me build my career and brand as someone who is focused on people, making a big impact, and moving quickly to adapt to changing needs of the business.”

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Meet Lynn Brading, Global Alliance Director, Adobe

Lynn BradingLynn Brading is a growth-oriented Global Alliance Director who manages one of Perficient’s largest partners, Adobe. Marking her eighth year at Perficient and eleventh year managing an Adobe partnership, Lynn plays a large role in streamlining digital solutions across the globe. Recently, she helped to expand our global presence by creating a strategic plan to align with the Adobe teams in Latin America. Through this effort, our team advanced the pipeline of net new opportunities in a new region.

“Enablement and alignment are going to be the key to success in 2023,” said Lynn. “I have leaned into making sure all the sellers in our organization have the tools to go out and find new deals. I also prioritize connecting our Sales representatives to Adobe’s Sales representatives. This is a relationship business and making sure the rep-to-rep alignment happens is the start of those key relationships. In addition to that, continued global growth, delivering quality work, and maintaining and creating relationships in the channel will be key to our success.”

Much of our successful partnership with Adobe can be attributed to the dedication of Lynn’s team.  In 2022, our Adobe partnership initiated global growth in Latin America and Europe. Looking ahead in 2023, Lynn’s team has a plan for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, she was instrumental in Perficient’s recognition as the 2023 Adobe Digital Experience Emerging Partner of the Year, Americas. Lynn also spearheaded the longest running event at Adobe’s Annual Digital Experience Conference, The Women in Digital Breakfast. Her determination to provide impactful solutions and ability to quickly adapt to change sets our team on the path to exponential success.

Along with her success at Perficient, Lynn is also a National Board Member for Pink Ribbon Good. This is an organization that helps support breast cancer and gynecological cancer survivors. She brings a positive mindset and strong attention to detail to every project, which proves instrumental in building lasting relationships with our partners.

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Meet Kathryn Bogen, Senior Global Alliance Manager

Kathryn BogenKathryn Bogen is a Senior Global Alliance Manager at Perficient with a strong background in digital analytics, leadership, and relationship building. With 15 years of experience in the digital technology space, including four years working as an Analytics Director at Perficient and now four years in the alliance ecosystem, she provided exceptional strategic support to internal teams and partners. As a true testament to Growth for Everyone, Kathryn is consistently developing new skills and growing her career at Perficient.

“As my role continued to evolve, I recognized the increasing need to build stronger channel partnerships within the digital space,” said Kathryn. “With support from my leadership, I made the career shift to alliances, and it has been the best decision possible for my professional trajectory. I now manage some of our fastest-growing digital partnerships, working on incredible digital experience platforms.”

In the last several years, Kathryn has stepped into her position by facilitating stronger relationships with leadership and sales teams. Her goal for the upcoming year is to accelerate growth through global expansion while utilizing strong field management to complement our existing client base. Kathryn largely contributed to a Partner of the Year award that Perficient received, and continues to advance digital strategies for our clients, partners, and business.

“Our key to success in 2023 will be customer satisfaction,” said Kathryn. “There is always a bigger opportunity to connect and spend more time understanding our customers’ business and unique challenges. At Perficient, we deliver an incredible range of solutions that serve every industry. Part of this customer satisfaction approach includes growing with our customers and providing a global lens to our conversations. We’re proud to offer global solutions that meet our customers’ changing needs.”

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Learn More About the CRN Women of the Channel Program

The 2023 Women of the Channel honors women who make a profound impact in the technology industry. Designed for present and future female leaders in IT, CRN celebrates women from all walks of life for their unwavering dedication and commitment to furthering channel excellence.

This year’s recipients are some of the brightest in the industry, and we’re proud to have four Perficient colleagues recognized for their achievement and making a difference. You can view the 2023 Women of the Channel list online, and in the June issue of CRN Magazine.

Congratulations to Liza, Liz, Lynn, and Kathryn for this incredible accomplishment!


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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