Blizzard of New SEO Reports, Features & Apps | Rank Ranger

An upgrade to Rank Ranger’s SEO Platform began with a flurry effect in November that has escalated into a blizzard of new reports, features and apps during February! 

Blizzard of New SEO Reports, Features & Apps | Rank Ranger
If you’re as busy as I’ve been you may have missed a few of the announcements, and since I personally prefer to read snippets of info and click thru only to things that pique my interest, I’m going to give you a quick rundown of recent headlines with snippets and screenshots that cover some important changes and enhancements to our SEO platform.

By the way, you may have noticed RangerBot in your recent Rank/Link/Page Alert emails, he’s been on the team for a long time and although he still won’t agree to a photo, he’s finally letting us share his avatar in an effort to be, um, well, a little more human.

And now, on to the headlines…


With the implementation of Google ‘secure search’ (Not Provided) in 2011
blocking 10% of the keyword data and impacting a whopping ~80% through
the end of 2013 – thrusting yet another new challenge in the face of SEO
– user clicks on SERP links are redirected through a Google masked
keyword data process.

Rank Ranger heard an enormous outcry from SEO experts and we responded
with a new approach, an alternative to (Not Provided). We’re pleased to
introduce the Market Reach report.

The Market Reach report provides a new scalable metric which is a type of TAM (Total Addressable Market)
that measures the potential revenue of a business opportunity on a
global scale. The new dynamic metric consolidates numerous SEO aspects
into a single and final intelligible progress report!

Market Reach Report - Not Provided Alternative

The Domain Analysis report
provides a comprehensive overview of domain statistics in living color.
Choose from a variety of report options and launch – the domain home page
displays in living color and a Google Supplementary Index Ratio pie chart comes to life beside the latest Social Metrics from Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. Integrated data from
third-party providers completes this presentation that we think you’ll be proud
to share with your clients.


Domain Analysis Report

Domain Analysis report

It has become increasingly difficult to stay on top of Google Rankings, especially with a number of landing pages to track. With Rank Ranger’s new Landing Page Performance report, you can see in one glance how well all of your landing pages are performing, while at the same time confirming which keywords are responsible for the performance. This simple way to track the success of your SEO efforts will show you which pages are performing well and which need work.

A multi-axis graph coupled with a detailed search query table makes Rank Ranger’s new Search Queries Keywords and Search Queries Pages reports unique.  In Google Webmaster Tools this data is displayed on a one axis graph that merges both Clicks and Impressions, while Rank
Ranger’s new Search Query reports provide a separate axis for each making it possible to visualize the ratio between Clicks and Impressions and identify wide gaps.

Search Queries Pages Report
Search Queries Keywords & Pages

It is officially available, the Rank Tracker app on the Apple App Store was created for SEOers who have a need to check rankings while away from
the office. The application works on both the iPhone and iPad.

 Download the app now!


While those chilly flakes have been falling, our team has been huddled up in the warmth of the development lab where they’ve implemented a few more changes that customers have requested including:

  • A new quick Create New or Create from Template button added to White Label PDF Reports.
  • A Search Volume field added to the Bulk Keyword Upload tool (refer to the Keyword section of Campaign Setup documentation).
  • Positive and Negative Changes option has been added to the Report Options of the SEO Dashboard.
  • Link Management has a new autocomplete feature for Suppliers and links can be added directly from the Contacts page, plus duplicate email addresses can be added for contacts that share the same company address.
  • Daily & Monthly Snapshot reports have an option to Show or Hide Google Search Volume.
  • A Monthly Change column has been added to the Campaign Overview report that’s located in the Lab.

Smarter, Faster, Easier!
 That’s our goal and we hope these new reports and features will make it easier for you to obtain the type of results you want in a user interface that’s fun and easy.  We’re always looking for new ways to help your SEO business run smarter, faster and easier!  You can contact us by email, or jump into a conversation with us on Facebook orTwitter to share your ideas and requests, or just to say “hi” and let us know if you like these new tools!

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