Bing Chat Now With Visual Search Comparisons, Knowledge Cards & More

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On Friday afternoon, Microsoft Bing announced its weekly Bing Chat enhancements, including more visual results and layouts, knowledge card images and more features.

Jordi Ribas from Microsoft said on Twitter, “This week we shipped a number of visual updates to Bing Chat answers. Now you’ll see images in-line when it’s beneficial to your topic, optimized knowledge cards, and richer answers for side-by-side shopping comparison.”

Visually Optimized Answers

Bing Chat now can make answers more visually appealing with charts, comparison layouts and more. This works across shopping, weather, finance, jobs, autos, and recipes and works also across many topics.

Here is a GIF showing how it works for shopping:

Bing Chat Optimized Answers Gif

Image Knowledge Cards

Bing Chat now also shows images that you can click on to explore deeper. Bing wrote, “if you ask Bing chat questions about flamingos or capybaras, an image of these animals will appear in-line with your answer. Click on the image to launch a knowledge card that allows you to explore more information about their habitat, diet, lifecycle, and other facts.”

Here is what that looks like:

Bing Chat Image Anwsers

Other Bing Chat Updates

  • Export answers to PDF, text file, or Microsoft Word
  • Better copy and paste with formatting
  • Use prompts for formatting like paragraphs, bullets, or numbering

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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