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Google has made a big announcement concerning Google AdWords. However it’s not as scary as some may have thought it would be. There are 10+ new features that are being introduced into AdWords to help the user get more value out of their AdWords account. These enhancements will be rolled out over a few months and will also be optional, so there is no need for marketers to get scared or change their ways completely.

We have reported on the ‘Not Provided’ issue with Google AdWords, as well as the Adwords Conversion Counter, and now AdWords is offering more options than ever for integrated and optimal marketing options.


The Google Play store had over 50 billion downloads of more than 1 million apps as of May 2013, showing that Mobile is a growing market and marketers need to get involved in it. 

  • AdMob users will be able to target and reach users more successfully based on the apps they currently use, how frequently they use them, in-app purchases and download history.
  • TrueView (AdWords for YouTube Videos) will also be allowing app installs directly from the video ads.
  • Earlier this month we reported on Google including apps in Mobile Search results on Android, this was gone over again and I hope it will soon be available for iOS too.
  • Most importantly, Adwords users will see better metrics to be able to track and understand conversions by measuring engagement from install, re-engagement and in-app purchases.

Enterprise Class Tools

  • Google has introduced bulk actions for campaign settings, saving AdWords users more time in set up, and allowing for easily streamlined campaigns.
  • Automated bidding has taken a leap, you can now base automated bidding on the number of conversions or the total value of the conversions.
  • A testing lab, based on ACE (AdWords Campaign Experiments) is being introduced allowing advertisers to run live tests allowing you to see the effects of changes you might want to make to your campaigns.

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Watch the video announcement by Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management for AdWords for all the details.

For more information about these updates, take a look on Search Engine Land.

Further updates will be coming up as they are implemented and announced on the Inside Adwords Blog.


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