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Rank Tracking in China
This week we’ve added rank tracking support for three more Asian search engines: 

Haosou and Sogou in China join our Google, Google Maps, and Baidu rank tracking for the Chinese market.


Coc Coc in Vietnam increases our Google, Google Maps, and Bing rank tracking for the Vietnamese market.

If you do SEO in China or Vietnam, you’re likely familiar with these search engines, but for the benefit of everyone else we’ll explore them in this post.

Haosou Rank Tracking

Support for Haosou Top 100 results, including landing page data, is now available when you add the Haosou search engine to your rank tracking campaign.

With estimated traffic of 81 million visits last month, Haosou isn’t yet in Baidu’s league (estimated one billion monthly visits) but it certainly appears to be focused on enhancing user experience.  I found search features similar to Wikipedia, Q&As, music, weather, app recommendations, local attractions, assistance in locating a good doctor and a large related search section.

Viewing SERPs in Haosou proved to be a colorful experience!

Haosou China search engine results

Tracking Chinese Keywords on Sogou

Sogou, a subsidiary of Sohu, Inc., is reported to have had an estimated 54.4 million visits last  month. Similar to Google with Chrome, Sogou has their own browser.  As explored Sogou, I got the impression that it is a more academically driven search engine and overall I liked the user experience. Their weather feature provides more detailed information than Haosou and the three travel booking ads to the right of the weather seemed to suggest that if one is not happy with the current weather, then book a holiday!

Support for the Top 50 domain results listed in Sogou search is now available when you add the Sogou search engine to a rank tracking campaign.

Rank Tracking Sogou China SERPs

Checking Rank on Coc Coc in Vietnam

Wrapping up my exploration of the new Asian search engines that Rank Ranger is supporting, I felt compelled to use Google Translate to determine just what Coc Coc means in Vietnamese. It turns out that it means knock knock, an amusing choice that was noted by an Associated Press Reporter who wrote about the startup in 2013 in an article titled, “Knock Knock, we’re coming to get Google!“.

Coc Coc had an estimated 87.3 million visits last month, which is quite impressive considering that the population of Vietnam is around 93 million, compared to China’s 1.378 with Haosou traffic at 81 million visits and Sogou at 54.4 million visits.  One of the first things I noticed was the simplicity of their search tool, it is visually much less stimulating than the others.

Checking rank in Coc Coc Vietnam search engine results

Coc Coc has an interesting search feature that offered to sell me ads for every keyword I searched on, yet their ads seem to mainly be placed at the bottom of the search results page.  They also provide a helpful feature at the bottom of the SERPs that gives you quick access to perform the same keyword search on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Coc Coc search feature for Google Bing and Yahoo

Rank Ranger supports Coc Coc Top 50 search engine results, including landing pages, for the tracked keywords.

SEO in Asia

Are you doing SEO in China or Vietnam?  If so, we hope that you find the addition of Haosou, Sogou and Coc Coc search engines to Rank Ranger to be beneficial for your business.  Learn how to add search engines to a rank tracking campaign. We will be happy to receive your feedback in the comments or directly to customer service.

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