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By | October 16, 2021

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There are many reasons to examine your SEO efforts – the most obvious being a significant change in Google’s search engine algorithm. However, other instances may take a closer look at how your website responds to organic search, including the following.  

  • Instances of website errors
  • New webmaster guidelines
  • Less than optimal meta information
  • Outdated content

In the absence of the above, however, it’s important to note that you don’t really need an official reason to optimize your SEO. In fact, performing regular audits of your SEO is one of the best steps you can take to ensure your SEO strategy is not only up to **** according to the latest guidelines, but as effective as possible for your needs. 

Tools to Perform a Speedy SEO Audit

Of course, SEO is a relatively complicated endeavor with a multitude of moving parts. Maintaining your website’s health often involves a deep dive into all the things that make your website tick. Many SEO audits undertaken to uncover issues within your site’s structure, or before making major changes, take weeks to complete – and rightly so. However, if you’re wanting a gauge of your website health or are simply just needing to ensure you’re staying current, a quick SEO audit can be just the ticket.

To that end, there are several tools available, designed specifically to make the process of performing your own SEO audit as painless as possible. Best of all, they generally focus on the most important aspects of your website as they pertain to Google’s search engine algorithms. Our favorites include: 

  1. Google Webmaster Tools (Free, website analysis). If you want to look at your website the way Google does – crucial for analyzing your SEO – begin with Google’s own offerings. This suite of tools is free and, most importantly, simple to use if you’re just beginning to track your own SEO efforts.

    Popular features include Fetch as Google, which allows you to view your URLs as if you were one of Google’s crawlers. By doing so, you can address problematic code or look for other instances that may lead to poor performance. Another popular feature is the PageSpeed Insights, which relays the speed of your desktop and mobile pages in easy-to-understand grades like Good, Medium, and Low.  
  2. Woorank (Free or paid, website audit). If you’re looking for a more comprehensive tool, Woorank just might fit the bill. With both on-page and off-page SEO analysis, as well as tools to help amend broken links and defective pages, Woorank can truly help you make quick, necessary changes to your page.

    In addition, Woorank’s more in-depth features can help you address site visibility and improve your site rankings. Each audit report is divided into as many as eight sections so you can target the particular areas that concern you the most. While Woorank does let you access some features during a 14-day trial, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for a Pro or Premium plan thereafter.  
  3. SEMRush (Free, keyword research). If you’re looking to analyze how you’re stacking up against your closest competitors – or need to identify who they are – SEMRush is a great tool for the job. As we’ve recently highlighted, analyzing your competition is crucial to determining your next steps, as well as for finding potential new areas for SEO growth.

    By using SEMRush, you can identify the competitors that have backlink profiles most similar to your own, and dive deeper into the who, what, and why of those links. Analyze the keywords involved and how they affect SEO and PPC campaigns, research the type of content linked, the websites driving the links, and much more. Then, use the information – conveniently provided in Excel format – to drive your choices moving forward.  
  4. Website Grader by Hubspot (Free, website performance/SEO audit). If you’ve never utilized this free tool, now is a great time to start – the tool has been upgraded for 2020 and is more robust than ever. To get started, all you need to do is enter your URL (and an email address) into the website grader tool. Then, you’ll receive a score between 1 and 100, as well as a report with actionable insights within a few minutes.

    Website Grader analyzes your website based on metrics like security, SEO, mobile readiness, and performance. Is your website safe for your users? Easy for Google’s crawlers to find? Optimized for mobile? Speedy without large image sizes and requests weighing it down? You’ll find out in your personalized report – and learn how to address key issues as well.  
  5. Raven Tools (Free trial, SEO auditing). This comprehensive SEO auditing tool addresses many of the necessary SEO features as Website Grader, but on a more in-depth level. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re performing a full SEO audit by the time you finish analyzing the results from Raven Tools’ audits. For that reason, it’s ideal for use immediately before you embark on a new marketing campaign.

    Features include tools like site speed and page design analysis for SEO, as well as a backlink profile analysis. Or, if you’re wanting to glean your reputation, try the online reputation and social media reputation tools. Between the Site Auditor and Marketing Platform, Raven Tools offers the vast majority of what you’ll need for an SEO audit.

Still in Need of a Comprehensive SEO Audit? 

With the above tools in your online pocket, you should be able to perform a quick, effective SEO audit to assess your relevance or identify a pressing issue. Of course, however, there’s really no substitute for a thorough, comprehensive SEO audit to help assess your site’s health and craft a lasting solution to any severe problems with your site structure. For help getting started, read up on what to expect.

Alternatively, place your site in the capable hands of the SEO professionals at Vizion Interactive. Our team’s knowledge of the most current factors, trends, and algorithm updates influencing your SEO can help you get your site to the solid ground you’ll need for regular SEO refreshers. Call (888) 484-9466 or contact us online for more information. 

At Vizion Interactive, we have the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to get results and keep clients happy! Learn more about how our SEO Audits, Local Listing Management, and Website Redesign Consulting services can increase sales and boost your ROI. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say, along with our case studies.

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