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AI-Assisted SEO: Ensuring Safe and Ethical Practices
Kateryna Hordiienko
Kateryna Hordiienko

Research Editor at Serpstat

OpenAI’s technologies are yet to be compared with the professionalism of seasoned SEO specialists on equal terms. However, that doesn’t mean utilizing GPT3 won’t be an effective tool to boost organic traffic and gain other benefits of a well-executed search engine optimization strategy for AI integration. 

The following article is based on a webinar I conducted with Lukasz Zelezny, Director at SEO.London.

Let’s get straight into the topic and see whether forwarding your effort in leveraging machine learning tools will give you a real competitive advantage. Onwards!

Empowering Employees with AI

Simply put, GPT-3 is the most successful iteration of a language prediction model developed by OpenAI. This transformer incorporates billions of machine learning parameters to complete the target assignment.

The Transformer-model architecture

The list of tasks is quite diverse, ranging from program creation, fulfilling user search requests, to translation purposes. Although the procedure isn’t deprived of shortcomings yet (for instance, the ML system can’t understand the content from a semantic standpoint), this technology can perform greatly in the right hands.

The safe use of AI in SEO should be supervised. Taking your time to structuralize the assignment for these programs, making them more comprehensible for each, will pay it off. You can ask the system to write a text from scratch, but it is more efficient to face the challenge with a ready-made selection of keywords. The more accurate your original requirements are, the more precise and true-to-reality output you will get.

Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny

SEO specialists can drive a little more context through the prompt and also obtain a copy that will be more accurate, resonate with the people, and be better digested by search engines. A final touch, read, and review, if the tone of voice is right, if that’s how we are communicating things to our customers, is needed.

While empowering employees with AI-powered tools, it is also essential to level up your employee training approach to do things correctly to take the most out of the presented deep learning and neural networks. The standard circle of work usually reminds the version below, as summarized by Lukasz:

  • Keyword research and identification of corresponding URLs — the most ideal scenario is to come up with a batch of matching keywords and URLs.
  • Audit and define missing topics — you aren’t writing your content for the sake of writing. It has to be optimized and correspond with your target audience. Narrow down the available list (it might be over two hundred positions) for more efficient progress.
  • Generate and review — let the neural network do its magic. After that, it is a must to check its result and contribute to the achieved digital art.
  • Work with keyword trackers — boost efficiency by using descriptive tags to cater to your branding aspects through keyword research more organically and in a more personalized manner.

In addition to assisting SEO specialists with content creation, there are also technologies like Dall-E that can generate images. Such creative applications are great tools to boost your performance and simplify the scope of work to handle on a regular basis. When utilizing AI-generated content, it is possible to obtain perfect images with manipulations that are difficult to distinguish from real photos and abstract designs. For instance, these tools can be inspiring and useful for elevating your branding or illustrating your posts with highly-specific images (even if your prompts are lengthy and include several descriptive elements).

The assignment is absolutely up to you — experts can command such tools to create photos, present available content in a particular digital art style, and much more. Visual storytelling for your content without any pain points of surfing through free-stock photo providers is a huge advantage of modern creative AI instruments.

Undoubtedly, AI-powered decision-making largely depends on how advanced the instrument is. The ratio of improvements and modifications that happen here and now can surely let you predict the future of visual media.

A Few Ways to Use GPT-3-Related Services in an SEO

Aside from the aforementioned methods to utilize content generative ****** in practice, the value of your storytelling via such instruments will depend on how accurate your commands are.

The best practices for measuring your performance come hand in hand with AI advancements for creative industries, and Serpstat is a perfect sample to illustrate the divergence of using these technologies in more detail:

  • Article builder tool — it is a nice solution to create content brief for copywriters, make from-scratch content, and come up with new ideas for your articles, including their important elements like titles.
  • Article builder tool Article builder tool

  • Keywords Extraction — with its help, SEO specialists can analyze their content from Google’s perspective and provide more competitive results after checking the semantics of top rivals in the same market.
  • Keywords Extraction

  • Keywords patterns — with so many ways to utilize this tool, it is mostly appreciated for a simple and efficient way to create tags, filters, and so on, as well as its keyword list expansion.
  • Keywords patterns

  • FAQ Generation. When building the structure of your FAQ, it’s important to consider including relevant and helpful topics. One way to do this is by using search questions from Sepstat database that may be useful to your audience. Remember to keep the content clear and concise for easy understanding. You can use this tool for snippets and templates, to enhance your on-site interlinking and boost your email marketing using these suggestions as subjects.
  • FAQ Generation

There are plenty of problems that can be solved with the implementation of AI solutions. The most prominent example is to incorporate translation plugins into your website and ensure more audiences from different countries will have simplified access to the content and informational value you provide. A typical translation plugin can automatically start transcoding the site to the list of languages that are supported by DeepL. 

Hiring professional translators will be more demanding, so the presented strategy is a cost-efficient way to adhere to the problem and deliver a functional solution in a timely manner. Despite the widespread opinion about the non-perfect results of the method, such instruments are more capable than they might seem at first. With the scaling of your business, you are welcome to fill in the gaps in your content that are unreachable for contemporary translation instruments so far (especially when it relates to technical blogs).

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The Most Common Problems of AI Generation Tools

One of the biggest concerns is that content creation and search engine ranking that is solely performed by artificial intelligence technologies won’t be always tolerated by Google. Following the standards of secure AI implementation, in this case, means not switching the target recipient of your content — it should be reader-oriented rather than focused on manipulating your site’s position in SERPs and lacking in terms of satisfying users’ search intents.

Let’s be more precise. Such approaches as synonymizing to produce a new text won’t be effective. The use of AI applications and technologies is possible for completing different tasks, but you have to follow Google Guidelines for proper risk management.The lack of diversity in the generated output doesn’t provide any new value to the content and just leads to repetitive or biased results.

Unfortunately, the list of issues you might face when dealing with content marketing campaigns on the basis of AI isn’t restricted to just a few factors:

  • Lack of control — the majority of contemporary automated tools lack in terms of customization. So it isn’t possible to provide specific details and content requirements. Even if it is, the technological capacity of the service isn’t at the right level of development to comply with all the incoming standards. Such ML systems can be trained though, but it is a resource-demanding process.
  • Incompatible with high computational requirements. To put it simply, GPT and similar systems have high computational needs and are not universally compatible with all systems. If you are using them, keep this in mind. If you work with an advanced network for your SEO strategy for AI integration, such tools might be poor for completing the assigned tasks. 
  • Overly simplistic canvas for seeking appropriate decisions — at the moment, the human’s capacity to operate information and find the right answers in complex situations is way more advanced than what even deep learning mechanisms can offer on a daily basis. In turn, there is still room for developing a decision tree for any natural language processing system.
  • Racial, gender, and religious bias — since the network itself is prone to accumulating new content on the basis of the available materials only, it accelerates the available biases in the system. This leads to composing extra levels of biases inherent in the training data.

The Importance of Ethical and Responsible Use of the Technology

With so many controversial opinions on the topic, one thing is for sure — the impact of AI is more in-depth than people tend to accept. There are still a lot of blank spots when it comes to regulating the use of these instruments and protecting enhanced user experiences without violating the rights of someone else’s intellectual property.

The ethics of artificial intelligence is how responsible SEO experts and other end users are to obtain its benefits, avoiding data privacy issues and pursuing innovation in their projects. Since these tools are extremely accessible, the correspondent policies relate to every engaged party, including governments, organizations, and individual specialists. That’s why introducing more monitoring services to detect and authorize the use of AI-powered technologies is expected in the future.

Wrap It Up

All things considered, the impact of AI will only be gaining momentum in the market and contributing to the performances of different experts and teams. The use of such technologies is intuitive from a technical perspective. Still, its genuine efficiency depends on how well you understand its principles and algorithms to catch up with the overall competition level in the industry. 

No matter how overhyped this topic is at the moment, seeking the right ways to utilize these instruments can surely result in an enhanced user experience and following Google’s requirements more accurately. Instead of completely focusing on the functionality of AI tools and compromising your site’s performance, it is great to get the best of both worlds by balancing human and AI cooperation.

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