7 Metrics Your Digital Marketing Team Needs to Track in 2023

Metrics are how you measure the performance of your digital marketing strategy – so, without the right metrics, you won’t know if the time and money you’re spending on your digital marketing campaigns are worth it! Here’s what your team should be tracking in 2023.

#1 – Percentage of new visitors 

This metric helps answer the question “Is my content reaching new audiences and engaging them?” because it measures how many new visitors are arriving on your website, product, or service pages. It measures how many new people are popping in for a look at your website over a set period of time – usually over a week or a month.

#2 – Unique pageviews 

Here, you can see how many times a web page has been visited by individual people over a period of time. This is because sometimes a person may click on a link through to your page, but only make a purchase or revisit the page for more information at another time. It measures returns to your page that are useful in so many ways! You can see loyal customers return again and again, see how often people check out your blog, or how people have a quick look at your page and then make a purchase at a later stage.

#3 – Click through rate 

The CTR is a very useful metric for measuring engagement with your social media and other digital marketing content. Not only can you see how many click through to your website, but you can also see if these clicks came through email content, social media posts, your blogs, or paid ads. That helps determine what content is getting the most engagement – but be careful to look at what the content is about as well as the channel so you can drive a higher rate.

#4 – Number of lead magnets downloaded 

Bear with us here! A lead magnet is some piece of content that a company can offer (a guide, whitepaper, or even a discount code) as an incentive for a person to sign up with them, whether it’s an email subscription or making an account. This is a great way to build up your list of contacts that you can then share promos, emails, and newsletters with. The more lead magnets downloaded, the bigger your reach gets.

#5 – Open rate 

Email is still one of the most powerful digital marketing tools there is, and you can measure how many people are opening the email rather than leaving it alone in their inbox by looking at the open rate. As a benchmark, the average open rate for emails in 2022 was 21.5%. If yours is a bit low, think about personalising the content for individuals and different audience segments, adding graphics and video content, and making the content more exciting.


#6 – Percentage of video watched 

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to boost your SEO, engage your audience, and ultimately make sales – audiences just can’t get enough of it! But in addition to tracking views and clicks, you should also track the percentage of the video watched. This way, you can see who is watching it right to the end, see which videos and what content gets the highest percentage of full watches, and more. This gives you a much more complete picture of how your video marketing content is performing. 

#7 – Revenue 

This is one metric all business owners know well! Tracking revenue from different campaigns is essential to seeing how well a campaign has performed and get a clear idea of your ROI. But remember – not all digital marketing campaigns are directly sales or revenue-related! Many campaigns work to indirectly boost sales by building your authority or brand awareness, generating good public relations, and improving customer service. 

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