5 Father’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas in 2021

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“The greatest gift I ever had come from God; I call him Dad! – Anonymous.”

Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. This year it will be celebrated on June 21, 2021. It is widely believed that Mrs. John Dodd was behind the inception of the day and her efforts culminated when President Richard Nixon signed a law declaring that it be celebrated annually on the third day in June.

Nowadays the day is celebrated worldwide as an occasion to recognize the contribution of fathers and father-like figures in the family. The day also brings an excellent opportunity for the companies to show their human sides and be a part of the household of the customer than just a business.

Brands need to understand the sensitivity of the occasion and create messages that go beyond the product promotion & sales. On this day people express their gratitude to their guardians and brands of products that can help show their compassion in a touching way will only be able to gain the attention of the buyers.

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Understanding The Celebration Plans

No matter what the size of your business is if you want to contribute to the happiness of your customers and want to touch their lives, you need to understand how the families plan to celebrate and who will be the center of purchase. Here is a chart which shows who the gift recipients will be.

Source: NRF (

You can clearly make out from the above chart which is going to be your end consumer. If you are planning to send emails ensuring that they are centered on the right target audience can make them more efficient.

Will The Customers Spend?

Before planning your marketing campaign, you must have an inkling of whether the customers are going to spend money in buying gifts. The following graph gives you a clear idea of what the history of spending was. Based on the past trend you can expect what the current year of spending is going to be.

This can help you in planning your marketing budget. With a well-planned budget, you can reach out to right people in a way that doesn’t strain you as well.

Source: NRF (

If the customers spent USD 17 billion in 2020, then you can expect to spend USD 20.1 billion in the current year.

From Where Will They Buy?

From a marketing perspective, it is critical to know where the buyers are going to buy from. Large corporations are present across all the channels, so their planning is going to be radically different from the real online companies or a local business.

Source: (

As you can see almost a third of all buyers plan to buy gifts online, digital marketing can play a significant role in tapping this channel for grabbing a large share of spending. Some digital marketing ideas that you can use are:

  • Create a Landing Page for the day
  • Optimize it for search engines
  • Optimize it for social media platforms
  • Launch E-Mail Campaigns With Coupon Codes
  • Share The Videos Of Customer Celebrations
  • Invite people to chat with takeaways

Which Will Be The Preferred Products For Customers On This Day?

Well, you are planning freebies for your clients or planning marketing tie-ups for giving discounts, but at this point, it is important to know the preferences of the customers. As you can see from the above graph that a Dinner or Brunch is the most favorite gift on father’s day, so you if you shell out discounts on it on your website or make arrangements for the families to have a delicious brunch, you are more likely to see large business coming your way.

Greeting cards are also the most favorite gift so having greeting cards in combination with brunch can be a grand family celebration idea and a profitable proposition for the businesses as well.

In father’s day, the trend of gifting clothes is very popular. It is very touching for a father to get his favorite wear from his son or daughter, so even if you aren’t in the business of clothing, you can plan a re-marketing campaign online to get the online business.

An excellent book which is engrossing is another favorite gift. You can have an assortment of some very popular books on your website and plan a digital marketing campaign for that landing page. It will not just increase the page traffic but may boost the sales of the other products as well.

The graph below shows the top 5 Father’s Day gift categories that grew in popularity in 2021.

Source: NRF (

Can Smartphone Boost Your Business?

Although most of the companies have gradually started to put in place a mobile marketing campaign, but is smartphone being used to increase the business? Let’s take a look at the following graph

Source: NRF (

If you take a look at the above chart, more than half of the respondents don’t plan to use a smartphone. They will certainly use to get the information on the internet and then will go to their favorite department store and buy their favorite gifts. If they can’t find a product on their store, they will make use of the smartphones to locate the alternative.

If you are planning a mobile marketing campaign, you can focus on the redeemable coupons and apps that can allow your customers to purchase the products or let them compare prices.

Similarly, tablet owners don’t plan to use their devices for buying gifts on the father’s day. So, if you are planning a successful digital marketing campaign this father’s day, here are few tips:

  • Have a landing page for the day for which offers online and walk-in coupons.
  • Focus on the dinner/brunch, clothing, and gift cards
  • A Campaign focused on electronic goods will drive traffic to your website.
  • Have redeemable coupons to get business via smartphones.

Thus, using these insights, you can get an understanding of how society plans to celebrate on the father’s day and how you as part of it can make the day memorable for the families.

Planning to launch your own campaign for the Father’s day 2021?

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